This collection of publications investigates the experiences of international volunteer teachers from the stories posted on their public-facing travel blogs.


International volunteers travel from North America to teach lessons in a Namibian school. They embody the nexus of development, tourism, and education and this collection explores how they understand their role as teachers, the geopolitics of borders, transnational racism, and the imagined geographies of Namibia.

My interest in international volunteers as development actors arises from my brief stint as an ICT teacher in Namibia. Self-critique and ongoing questions upon my return propelled me toward the academy, and is in some sense directly responsible for all my scholarship.

This project is tentatively completed.

Situated In: Critical Tourism Studies; Critical Race Theory; Political Geography; Comparative Education; Social Foundations of Education

Publications in this collection.


Teaching & Teacher Education 89: 1-9 (2019)

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Whiteness in Transit

The Racialized Geographies of International Volunteering

Social & Cultural Geography. 1-17 (2020)

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Geopolitics 1-21 (2019)

Education, Citizenship and Social Justice  (2021)


The Spatial Imaginaries of International Volunteer Teachers

Contrapuntal and Disconnected Geographies

Social & Cultural Geography. 1-17 (2020)