This collection of theoretical interventions examines tourism as a 'public pedagogy' of development. I frame tourism as important avenue through which everyday people learn of the politics of development. Tourism is a site of development (as in volunteer tourism) or teaches the inequalities that development seeks to remedy (e.g. slum tourism). In these articles, I take seriously the possibility that some kinds of tourism can be radically pedagogical; however, I'm generally pessimistic that tourism is a colonial tool that naturalizes dispossession. 

This project is tentatively completed.

Situated In: Critical Tourism Studies; Political Geography; Public Pedagogies

Publications in this collection.

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Morality in Aversion?

Meditations on Slum Tourism and the Politics of Sight

Hospitality & Society 10 (2) 157-172 (2020)


Pedagogy, Possibility, and Pipe Dreams

Opportunities and Challenges for Radicalizing International Volunteering

Journal of Tourism & Cultural Change 17 (6): 661-673 (2018)


Annals of Tourism Research 76: 326-327 (2018)


Tourism Geographies 21 (4): 561-564 (2018)

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Handbook of Globalization & Tourism. D. J. Timothy (ed.): Edward Elgar. 295-304

Written with Mary Mostafanezhad (2019)